Prepare for SHTF - or just everyday life

What weapons should you use to defend your home?

Beretta Vertec 92FS home defense pistol

The question about what the best home defense weapon is is a pretty hotly-debated one. Some people thing it’s a .45, some people think it’s an M-16 or AK-47, and some people think it’s a shotgun. Here’s what I think.

Developing a survival routine before and after SHTF

Developing a survival routine

Developing a routine is not only important to help you prepare for an emergency, survival, or even a SHTF situation, having a routine during those situations can save your life.

Are you really prepared for an emergency? The 5-5-5 bug out test

Be prepared for an emergency - the 5-5-5 test

Is your family really prepared for an unexpected emergency? If something happened tonight, would you be ready?

Make fresh homemade butter with heavy cream and a mason jar

Make fresh homemade butter with heavy cream and a mason jar

Making fresh homemade butter at home is SUPER simple. All you need is heavy cream, a jar, and some elbow grease. Here’s how to do it. This is a great thing to do, not only to have healthier and better-tasting butter for cooking or spreading, kids LOVE to do this. It’s a great little homesteader-type […]

Just what is the ultimate bug out vehicle?

Ultimate bug out vehicle

The idea of the ultimate bug out vehicle is something tossed around a LOT on the internet. I see monster tactical vehicles, cars kitted out like they’re straight out of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max set, and old bug out trucks from the 40′s. I figured it’s high time I talk about what the ultimate bug out vehicle really is.

6 steps I learned from combat rehearsals that will help your planning

Soldiers doing an After Action Review (AAR)

Keeping your family or team safe during emergencies requires more than just proper planning. It requires requires practice. Practice not only helps people understand your plan, it can help you improve your plan.

Eat healthier by becoming your own grocery store

Save money, eat healthier, and be prepared for emergencies with an aquaponics or vertical garden that you can build and use yourself

You need to start growing your own food at home. Save money, eat healthier, and be ready in case of emergencies by growing your own food with an aquaponics system or organic vertical garden – even if you live in an apartment. It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you think.

Change your attitude or you won’t survive – survival psychology

Your attitude can affect your chances of survival

Survival psychology is a lot more important than you may think. Surviving a combat or SHTF situation isn’t all about what you have in your bug out bag – or even just what survival skills you have. Your attitude can make the difference between living and dying. I’ve experienced first-hand the difference attitude can make […]

Start a fire without matches using a cheap Fresnel lens

Using a fresnel lens to start a fire

As you should know by now, you should have backup methods to do important things like starting a fire or purifying water. A good backup is something cheap, something lightweight, something that doesn’t take up much room, and something that doesn’t run out of fuel. A Fresnel lens magnifier is one of these great fire […]

A great bushcraft video you need to see

how to make cordage from primitive materials

To survive a real survival situation in the wilderness, one of the most important skills you need to learn along with how to make fire or purify water is how to make cordage. A lot of people learn how to do things like start a fire without matches or a lighter or how to navigate […]

10 Creative ways to start a fire without a lighter

Creative ways to start a fire

Starting a fire is one of the most critical elements to surviving an emergency or wilderness survival situation. Hopefully you’re carrying some kind of fire starting gear in your EDC or your go bag but if not, there are many ways to start a fire. You should learn as many fire-making methods as possible because you […]

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