Emergency preparedness from a Counterintelligence Agent

Nancy Lanza was no prepper

Sandy Hook

...at least from what I get out of the Daily Beast article Preppers have been given a bad name as soon as the show 'Doomsday Preppers' came out. They sensationalized a few people and showcased them in a light that made them look like nutcases. So, … [Continue reading]

Prepping Supplies Webstore

Buy survival and prepper gear here Water filtration, fire starting, shelter, wilderness and bushcraft gear, and more. Read the reviews and instructive articles for many of these items in the survival and prepper gear category. … [Continue reading]

Prepper and survival books webstore

This is a collection of both fiction and nonfiction books that preppers and survivalists would appreciate. Please browse through and let me know if you've read any of them (or others) and would like to leave a book review on this page.   If you're … [Continue reading]

How to plan a bug out route for emergency evacuation

Route Assessment Map for SHTF

How to do a route assessment You need a bug out route assessment as part of your overall emergency evacuation bug out plan. If you find at some point that you have to Get Out Of Dodge and bug out to a survival shelter or another location, you don't … [Continue reading]

How to read people

Reading people is a survival skill Knowing how to read people to tell if someone is lying is a very important skill for preppers. This skill can not only help you with bartering for goods or making relationships, it can also help detect when … [Continue reading]

How to make an emergency communication plan for your family

Current communication plan information There are a lot of agencies out there that suggest that you make a sound Emergency Communication plan for your family in case disaster strikes but unbelievably, a lot of them don’t tell you how to actually do … [Continue reading]

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