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What prepper gear would you buy if you had $1,000?

Contest winner

///UPDATE/// this contest is over. Please see Reader’s list – $1,000 bug out prepper shopping spree for the results.

So I was going through all the really neat things out there for prepping and survival gear that I can’t afford and I had an idea. I’m not so good at finding all the things I want because I get so distracted.

This is kind of a contest but more of a fun thing to do. Imagine that you’re walking into a Discount Prepper’s Warehouse store (I just made that up so don’t go looking for one – the link goes to Amazon) and balloons fly up, kazoos go a-screaming and people start cheering. You look up after diving to the floor for cover and see a big sign the manager’s holding that says, “Congratulations to our One Millionth customer!” You brush yourself off, muttering something about losing your contacts and he hands you a trophy and says, “It’s your lucky day. You have a $1,000 credit line, but you have to use it today and you only have an 2 hours.” What would you buy?

So since there is no Discount Prepper’s Warehouse, I decided the next best thing would be to actually use Amazon, where I get 90% of my stuff  anyway, strangely enough. I do get other things from eBay but it’s hit and miss.

Head to Amazon and find all the prepper or survival related stuff that you’d buy if you had $1,000 total – pretend like Amazon is really called Discount Prepper’s Warehouse btw. Make a list of those items and make sure your cost stays below $1,000 total (don’t worry about shipping because you’re in a hypothetical store). See just how creative you can get with this. Why did you choose those?

The only rules are: They have to be current items available at Amazon and the total has to be less than $1,000.

What would you end up getting? If you’d like to go even further, take a few of those items and think of why you chose them over other similar ones and why did you choose it at all? Do you really know what you’re looking for? Did you get a few expensive things or a lot of cheap things? How would you carry or store the things you got? 

If you’d like, send me the list, and I’ll post it for all to read (if you follow ALL the rules). That way everyone will be able to learn from what you chose.
Include the following in your email:

  • The name of each item
  • The cost of each item
  • The exact link to Amazon for each item. They must all be available at the time of the list and must come from there, not your local store or garage sale or it won’t be fair.
  • The total cost of the items.
  • An explanation of why you chose what you did and maybe some kind of background to help readers understand your situation or your thinking.
  • A link to your website if you have one and would like it mentioned in the article.
  • Permission to use your name, initials, or first name/last initial in the article – or just say you want to be anonymous.

Please include all the above for me.

To get you started, here’s the list of the best-selling outdoor items they have.

Good luck!

///UPDATE/// this contest is over. Please see Reader’s list – $1,000 bug out prepper shopping spree for the results.



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  1. graywolfsurvival says

    Ty said his list would be: Chicken wire, mesh wire, more heirloom seeds, 100 quail, few more ducks. Good stuff.

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