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If you're into DIY (Do It Yourself) homemade prepper projects, this is the page that you want to share on facebook and pinterest - and bookmark.

I love taking the time to figure out how to do things myself. It's great to be able to find a bunch of junk, put it all together, and make something useful out of it.

I spent MANY years in aerospace manufacturing so I have a pretty good idea how to put things together and document how it's done. What I try to do here is come up with a project that you'd find useful and do all the research for you. As I'm doing it, I explain the theory behind it - so you can do it yourself with whatever material you have available. MacGyverism is a skill that you really need to have to survive the world, especially if SHTF.

Here are the topics that I focus on when deciding to build a homemade project or research and explain them: solar projects, homesteading projects, electronic projects, camping projects, making things for survival situations, or anything that I think a prepper or camper might want to know how to build - and maybe even actually build it themselves.

Let me know if you have a project that you'd like to see explained or want to understand how something works. Even if I don't build it right away, it might be interesting enough to everyone to have the theory explained and some suggestions on how to do it better.

Simple DIY portable solar power box for camping or emergencies

Building a portable powerplant that can be charged with either the sun, AC voltage or 12 volt DC is pretty simple. There are just a few simple considerations and then you have MANY options. Here’s how I hooked up a box for camping to run my ham radio and other electronics.

Make a prepper stove with just scrap

If you’re not into actually making a stove and don’t have the mad skills of Yankee Prepper (but you should really learn how), I’d suggest getting something like the Solo Stove. These things are super-efficient and great to have for not only camping but for around the house during extended power outages.

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