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Here are the more survival skills-specific articles on Graywolf Survival. These are the articles that will help you survive camping or living in the wilderness, outdoors in Nature. Basically, this is the section that will help you if you're stuck out in the middle of a combat zone or wilderness, or even just a very rural area with only what you brought with you and no comms to the outside world for help or extraction.

Learning how to survive instead of buying survival gear is the priority. I may occasionally put some articles about gear here but only if I think they'd be a huge asset for survival considering the cost, weight and volume expense you'd incur.

The top 10 prepper skills and abilities FNG needs to survive

Which prepper skills and abilities would you need to focus on to survive SHTF or a natural or man-made disaster?

Get prepared physically for survival or face the consequences

There are many things that will influence your chances of survival in combat, wilderness survival, or a SHTF scenario – some of them you can control directly and some of them you can’t. A lot of increasing your chances of survival begins at home.

Home Safety: It’s a Family Affair

I believe that it is my responsibility to protect my family. Having firearms helps me do that. But as we all know, having kids and guns can be a dangerous affair.

These 3 inventories could save your life in a survival situation

In order to survive, you need to have a plan. You can’t form an effective plan unless you know what you have available to you. This is about how to go about doing that.

How to defend your bug out/in location: Preparing your battlespace

If you’re trying to defend a homestead or bug out location with a small group, you need to improve your odds by what are called force multipliers. One of the best ways to fight like a larger group is to prepare your battlespace.

What to do if you’re captured

So if you and/or your family were captured as a hostage or kidnapped, would you know how to deal with it? Every situation is different and can be very fluid but here are some things to consider.

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