Emergency preparedness from a Counterintelligence Agent

Preppers and journalism: My interview with NYTimes reporter Alan Feuer

The TV show Doomsday Preppers has been a double-edged swords for the prepping community. On one hand it’s put emergency preparations on the mind of millions of more people around the world but due to TV ratings and trying to get viewers, they sensationalized a few wackos and made some of the normal preppers look like they’re crazy.

Social Network Experiment

Please do me a huge favor so I can get the word out about this site and learn which social network is the most popular. Please share this page with the social network you use most.

Gun owners and Law Enforcement say agree: hand’s off

We’ve always been proud of our right to bear arms and just the fact that we all own guns have protected us from being attacked from other countries. Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral, WWII decided not to attack mainland America not because of our military but because Americans had guns.

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