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Are you bugging out to the city or the country if SHTF?

There’s always been a lot of debate on whether you should stay in (or go to) a city if society collapses. Some say there’s safety in numbers and the city is best. Some say heading for the hills is the best option. Here’s what I think.

Get prepared physically for survival or face the consequences

There are many things that will influence your chances of survival in combat, wilderness survival, or a SHTF scenario – some of them you can control directly and some of them you can’t. A lot of increasing your chances of survival begins at home.

Home Safety: It’s a Family Affair

I believe that it is my responsibility to protect my family. Having firearms helps me do that. But as we all know, having kids and guns can be a dangerous affair.

Is collecting silver or gold the best idea for bartering if SHTF?

If the grid goes down tomorrow, what out of our gear would you trade away for gold or silver coins?

Best prepper finds online this week

As I mentioned last week, I come across several interesting prepper or survival articles and products as I’m researching articles or ideas for the book I’m writing. This is another post of some of the best ones.

Free and discounted prepper/survival books and ebooks

The best free and discounted prepper books and ebooks I’ve found this week (10-16May2014).

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