Emergency preparedness from a Counterintelligence Agent

OPSEC for preppers
How to protect your family before and during SHTF by protecting the information someone would need to know to take what you have.

I've spent a lot of years providing OPSEC support and guidance to the Department of Defense and my goal is to translate that knowledge into relevant, understandable information you can use to protect yourself and your way of life.

Please feel free to ask any questions. There will always be a hundred others who would like to know the same thing you do so your questions will help them too.

This page will always be updated to include all the articles I write that pertain to OPSEC.

5 Gray Man secrets I learned as a surveillance operative

The gray man concept isn’t a difficult idea but isn’t as easy as just trying to be invisible. I broken down some of the basic secrets I learned about how to hide in plain sight during

The Art of Blending in: 5 Tips from a Counterintelligence Special Agent

Before I was a blogger, I spent many years teaching and doing surveillance. I’m going to share a few tips on how to blend in that I learned over the years.

Is Big Brother spying on your computer – with your own cell phone?

Everyone knows that you can be monitored through your cell phone, but did you know they can use it to monitor your computer activity too?

Neighborhood Watch – Not just for nosey old ladies

Learning about your neighbors, you will be able to better determine their strengths and weaknesses and help you scout for SHTF team members

Keeping your prepping CLASSIFIED

So we learned the other day about balancing OPSEC so you could still operate. Today we’ll go over classifying your information. This is a topic that I’m EXTREMELY familiar with. The government classifies their information like this:

Basic OPSEC for preppers: achieving balance

OPSEC is necessary if you and your family are preppers, but how do you protect your information and still function? How much OPSEC is good OPSEC?

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