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Using Kim’s Game to increase your observational skills

Kim’s game is a training aid used by snipers & government agents around the world to notice & remember details. Kids love this game!

Best bugout vehicle project: Jeep Grand Cherokee

So, after a search that started when I was in Afghanistan a couple months, I picked up a SHTF bugout vehicle: a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Why this one? That’s the focus of this post.

Graywolfsurvival SHTF vehicle part1: The search

So what vehicle would be not only the best SHTF vehicle but also affordable by the normal working person in the US? I’m going to buy a vehicle that satisfies what I need and then go through some of the improvements I make to it so I can give you some ideas of where to start and where to go with your vehicles.

The dangers of over-prepping

Prepping is important. Over-prepping can be as bad as under-prepping; both for learning and stocking supplies. The problem is that you can’t have everything and you don’t have unlimited time to learn everything. ‘Why not?’ you ask? How do you know when you’re prepping enough – or too much? Well, that’s what today’s article is about: over-prepping.

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