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Prepping Survival Supplies and Gear Webstore

If you’re looking for gear to keep you alive in a survival or SHTF scenario, this is it. Fire starters, water purification, tents – it’s all here.

The dangers of planning for worst-case scenarios

“Plan for the worst and hope for the best.” This kind of thinking can be dangerous if you don’t think things through properly. You need to have some balance and some logical thinking in your planning.

Should you build a SHTF team or go it alone?

If SHTF, is it better to trust no one and go it alone or build a team to go through hell together? Both plans have their pros and cons. If you build a team, what should you look for? How do you trust them?

The best pocket fire spark I’ve tried: Aurora firestarter

Solo Scientific contacted me and asked if I could do a review on one of their 2SA firestarters.The rep said that it was “…endorsed by the Navy Diver Challenge and been to Mt. Everest…”. Due to the obvious marketing-speak bullshit of the exclamation points and ALL CAPS of some of the email, I wasn’t expecting much.

So you think you need full body armor? Really?

Safeguard Armor contacted me recently to see if I’d check out their Stealth body armor and let everyone know what I think. I’ve had experience with different kinds of body armor, both concealed armor with civilian clothes as well as that freaking hot and heavy shit I wore in Iraq and Afghanistan so I thought this would be an interesting topic and figured I’d write about SHFT body armor for preppers as well as do a prepper gear review at the same time.

Portable solar panel review: scharger-12

Suntactics contacted me after reading my sCharger-5 review and asked if I’d like to take a look at their more powerful sCharger-12 and write up a review because they liked how I wasn’t such a kiss-ass like most reviewers. Well, duh!

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