Emergency preparedness from a Counterintelligence Agent

Pocket gold? Is this really the best choice?

What to stockpile for barter after SHTF One of the biggest questions preppers ask is if they should stockpile gold for trade / barter in case SHTF. Gold has been a traded commodity ever since it was discovered, and it's what society runs to when … [Continue reading]

Make a prepper stove with just scrap

Learning how to make things out of scrap like a prepper stove that could save your life should definitely be a priority. You should be focusing more on learning stuff than buying stuff. Any time you can learn how to make things from what you find, … [Continue reading]

How to make a prepper OPSEC plan

OPSEC 101 for Preppers

How to be a Prepper: OPSEC 101 for Preppers Operations Security (OPSEC) and OPSEC Planning should be an important part of everyday planning for anyone's life who's concerned about protecting their family and their livelihood, and that's just what … [Continue reading]

How to dress for OPSEC and protect yourself

The Gray Man doesn't wear gray. Ok, maybe that's not true in some cases because I have worn gray during surveillance, but hopefully you'll get the point. Deciding what to wear for SHTF clothing to be the Gray Man is a simple concept, and it's not … [Continue reading]

OPSEC and your body language

Demeanor is a big part of SHTF OPSEC For those trained in the art of noticing the gray man, demeanor is usually the key to seeing the unseen. It's not too difficult to take some time and plan what you're going to wear for the day, where you're going … [Continue reading]

OPSEC and your actions

How bad OPSEC gives away details in your Pattern of Life OPSEC is about protecting information. What can someone gather from watching you from down the street from your house? The obvious answer is that they would know, for example, what time you … [Continue reading]

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