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My groupingĀ of the best SHTF and TEOTWAWKI Movies for preppers

Best SHTF and TWOTWAWKI MoviesThis is a list of the best SHTF movies I can find but the list will be continually updated. This is basically a list of movies I think preppers would like and involve survival, the post-apocalypse, the collapse of the government or TEOTWAWKI.

The cool thing about these movies is that they’re not only good entertainment (some of them anyway), you can usually pick up a tip or two on how to survive if SHTF. A couple of them suck as far as movies go but they’re useful in their own way.

Here’s a hand-picked list of moviesĀ I’ve found so far, augmented by other movies in the same genre. You’ll find something you like…

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My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap.


  1. Jericho ~ 2006-2008 CBS TV series.

  2. The Day After has got nothing on Threads from the UK. I think you can find the full film on YouTube. I don’t think it is out on video.

  3. Doesn’t anyone remember “The Trigger Effect”? It came out in 1996. It was my first exposure to the reality of how fast civilized people deteriorate after an EMP event. Here is a link to the snyopsis. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117965/

  4. The Crazies – excellent movie for preppers

  5. TrailingSpouse says

    The Day of the Triffids (1981) BBC TV Series

  6. The shotgun is OK, it’s the ammo you use that you have to watch. Slugs and dobule-00 buckshot is not good for that environment. You can get reduced recoil ammo in #4 buckshot that has good stopping power without over penetrating. That’s what we carried in the military most of the time. If we needed to blow a hinge we had special ammo to load for that. Get an 18.5 inch barrel on it also. Don’t let the sales clerk press you into all the tactical black color and gadgets. A plain jane with wood or polymer stocks is just fine. All the tactical array does is make a $250 shotgun cost an extra hundred or two. The bad guy doesn’t care how cool you look.Agree with Thoreau on the handgun ammo. They are making some ammo classified as Personal Defense that is lower powered nowdays.

  7. Walking Dead (tv show/comic), Planet of The Apes (original movies), Jeremiah, Revolution, Falling Skies, Survivors (2008), Under the Dome, Z Nation (newest show, only 2 episodes as of today), The Purge, Doomsday Preppers (now on Netflix), Lost, Forgotten Planet (really interesting documentary on Netflix), Life After People (The ultimate SHTF show, no one is left!), Goodbye World, The Last Days (in Spanish with English subtitles).

    I think that is it for now. You can see this is an interesting subject to watch, especially for cheap on Netflix.

  8. Polarbeer says

    Nice list, thank you. New TEOTWAWKI movie stream on Netflix appropriately titled “These Final Hours” (Aussie film. Keep in mind your company, it is disturbing and contains very hardcore scenes ). SHTF “Survivors” Netflix TV-14 stream (like Jericho, dummy’s cut it short as it was peaking)

  9. SHTF Netflix original show “Between”.

  10. The most upsetting SHFT end of everything movie is the Road. Brutal in every way.

    • I hated that the movie showed there weren’t any animals to eat. They’d be all over the place. If humans survived, rats and other things like bugs definitely would have.

      • Gray Mann says

        Not true… think about when the food runs out. The FIRST thing people would do is hunt animals to extinction. There are 7 BILLION people on the planet. In the US Great Depression, people hunted deer and other animals to a point in some places of the country where it took decades to make a comeback.. and that was just a depression.

  11. Hey I am under 20 and am considering to start to prep.
    1. Is 700cad income a week enough to get everything I need or should I try and find a better job? (Not a career)
    2. Any ideas on how to convince my parents to let me use the area under our stairs as a storage/safe room, it is in the middle of the house and has concrete floors and walls it is perfect for protection from any kind of disaster, weather, radiation etc…

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