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I’m going to periodically send out information to my inner circle, which will be those who I know, members of this site, and those who sign up using this form. You never know what I’ll send but it’ll be cool!

One of the nicey things that newsletter subscribers get is more background information and opportunity to provide input on a book I’m writing. That’s because I know that my newsletter subscribers are not only more faithful readers, they have great ideas that others would be interested in.

Please join the others and get weekly updates of what articles I’ve written and get the inside track on the book.

Oh, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your email after you enter your address. The form will send you a confirmation email that may end up in your inbox or may end up in your junk box. If you don’t find and click on the link in that confirmation email, you are not signed up for the newsletter.

Once you find it, make sure you add the newsletter’s email address to your whitelist so the real newsletters don’t end up in the junk folder (which happens sometimes if there are several people a newsletter is sent to).

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  1. Gail Suter says:

    subscribed :))

  2. Subscribed – Mike Bruscell

  3. Paul Millidge says:

    Subscribed via the newsletter….

  4. graywolfsurvival says:

    Thank you for signing up for the newsletter. Please bear with me a bit while I adjust to a large increase in my subscribers. Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have any suggestions or want to see something from them.

    If you’re subscribing to be part of the giveaway, make sure you comment on that page whether you liked the facebook page, signed up for the newsletter, or both. ***That page*** is where the winner will be chosen.

  5. Mel Huskey says:

    I have liked your web site and subscribed to your news letter. I find many of your articles to be very informative. Thank you for your time.

  6. Tony Lussier says:

    Ive ben facebook friends since the start liked, n reup on the news letter. nice body armor! thanks ! the redneck prepper

  7. Definitely subscribed if you ever need any medical input or want to run any kind of CLS course I’m your guy. Would you be willing to do an interview for my channel?

  8. Subscribed for news letter:)


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