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Advertising and Reviewing Products on Graywolf Survival

Advertising on Graywolf Survival

Due to many reasons, I’ve decided not to accept any advertising on Graywolf Survival by request, effective immediately.

I will seek out and only accept what I believe are the best choices for my readers that allow me to keep operating on a free basis for said readers.

BUT; If you send me something to review to the address below, I will absolutely mention it either in an upcoming written article or video (or both), but understand I’ll give my unbiased opinion, and as a (now former, depending on how you look at it) Chief Warrant Officer, understand that this is either a really good thing or a really bad thing due to our natural aversion to political correctness, so don’t send anything to me unless your product (or maybe even service in very rare cases) is absolutely beneficial to my readers – and absolutely awesome.

I NEVER accept any sponsored post written by anyone outside of my organization. In very few cases, I will accept doing so (without a dofollow link) to something that I believe will benefit my readers, but understand that after this requirement, this is a business decision and will be treated as such. If you don’t have something of value, don’t waste your time. If you do have something of value, understand that I must be convinced of its value.

I do, however, occasionally accept the opportunity to review products as long as they are of interest to my readers. Just keep in mind that no matter what agreement is accepted, I will be free to voice my opinion to my readers of any and all features and benefits or irregularities or downright mistakes any manufacturer or distributer has made in making my determination, because all my reviews are 100% accepted as my opinion and also accepted as such by anyone who sends me anything to review. I also retain, de facto, the ability to exercise my rights of freedom of expression to discuss the benefits and annoyances or potential dangers of anything I see from my personal experiences in such reviews as well as the freedom to express anything in any detail or brevity that I currently see fit based on the test equipment, experience, or time available, etc.

If you just happen to have a product that my readers that you believe they just can’t live without and you’d like to send something to me for evaluation that you believe will be so helpful to my readers that I couldn’t help but make some kind of review on it, please send it to:

Graywolf Survival
20118 North 67th Avenue
Ste 300-251
Glendale AZ 85308

Please include any and all corroborative evidence or technical specs that I should take into consideration, especially if it considers any competitive products (and why). Just understand that by sending me anything to review, you agree that I am not obligated to anything other than to open it, try it out, and form an opinion. What I do from there depends on just how good your product is, how well it fits what I believe my audience will find it useful, and what time and resources I have to test, evaluate, and discuss your product.

This is not the site to send shit products.




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