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Advertising on Graywolf SurvivalI’m approached often to do advertising on my site for certain companies – usually by SEO or marketing companies. Instead of drafting an individual email each time, I figured I’d just make it easy. If you’d like to advertise on Graywolf Survival, it is possible but I don’t just accept anyone who asks.

Any advertiser must accept that they will only advertise links or products that are relevant and useful to my readers. Any products or services advertised must be reputable or they will be cancelled.

I don’t play tricks with readers by spreading out articles into multiple pages. This reduces my average pageviews per visitor but allows for a better reading experience. My average article length is many times longer than the industry average. I also display my most recent article in its entirety instead of just an intro.

My ads are based on Google Analytics Behavior>Overview for the prior month at the time the banner starts.

To give you a rough idea of my traffic, for the first part of 2015, my pageviews for a month were approximately 315,000 and bounce rate is about 10%.


250×250 ad, side column

These ads are $2.5 per thousand pageviews.

Please email me to find out the current traffic pageviews.

Any other ads, banners, text links, whatever are negotiable but they are very rare.


Ads taller than 250  pixels can be accommodated. Just figure how many blocks you would require. For example, a banner from 251 pixels to 499 pixels tall would require 2 blocks. From 500 pixels to 749 pixels tall would require 3 blocks.

All ad positions are on a first-come, first-served basis and current customers will keep their position or move up automatically if better positions become available.

Other ad positions may be negotiated but are not normally open.

These are my current rates, to be changed at any time. Also, I may consider other rates if you have a plan that I may agree with. For example, I may consider one month of advertising in exchange for coordinating a date with Emma Watson.

I’m not interested in any kind of link swap. Google hates link swaps.


Please contact me at graywolfsurvival at gmail.com

I only take ads on a month-to-month basis due to the growth of my website traffic.

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