Common-sense emergency preparedness from a combat veteran

How to start a niche website – the right way

How to start a prepper website - the right way

Learn how to find a profitable idea for a website, how to own a domain, and how to install WordPress so you can make your own website online

The top 10 prepper skills and abilities FNG needs to survive

Top 10 Prepper Skills for FNG to Survive

Which prepper skills and abilities would you need to focus on to survive SHTF or a natural or man-made disaster?

Beware False Knowledge

beware of false prophets

I understand this is a “made for TV drama”….it made me wonder how many people would watch this and think this is the way to survive?

Why you need to have a SHTF/emergency food supply plan

planning for a food shortage

Did you know that there are several short and long-term threats to your food supply? Read the facts about these threats as well as what you can actually start doing today to make sure your family always has something to eat.

Neighborhood Watch – Not just for nosey old ladies

neighborhood watch sign

Learning about your neighbors, you will be able to better determine their strengths and weaknesses and help you scout for SHTF team members

DIY portable camping PVC pipe evap air conditioner

PVC swamp cooler

Ok, so I saw the 5 gallon bucket air conditioner swamp cooler that figjam did a couple years ago and thought it was a fantastic idea. I wanted to see if I could improve on that. I finally got it.

Do you really know what will happen if SHTF?

What will happen after SHTF 2000

I see this crap all the time and it really bugs me. Too many people think they have the answer to what will happen after SHTF and that thinking makes their planning suck.

Gear: Quality over Quantity

Danner boots

Even if you have to scrimp and save, I would encourage you to invest some money in the following gear and get high quality. You get what you pay for.

How much gear should you put in your bug out bag?

How much gear should be in your bug out bag

One of the biggest questions I get is how much stuff you should carry in your pack. I’ve heard a lot of crap out there. This should clear things up a little.

If SHTF, should you head for the city or country?

SHTF-city or country

There’s always been a lot of debate on whether you should stay in (or go to) a city if society collapses. Some say there’s safety in numbers and the city is best. Some say heading for the hills is the best option. Here’s what I think.

Get prepared physically for survival or face the consequences

heavy backpack

There are many things that will influence your chances of survival in combat, wilderness survival, or a SHTF scenario – some of them you can control directly and some of them you can’t. A lot of increasing your chances of survival begins at home.

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