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To help you find what you’re looking for here, I thought I’d give you a quick-start guide to Graywolf Survival. Kind of a guided tour. You can find this page any time through the image in the front center of the main page or the ‘Start Here’ link at the very top.

What this site is about

This site brings you common-sense information on how to prepare yourself and your family to be able to deal with whatever life can throw you. Not just survive, but to thrive in any situation – from everyday life to SHTF. I do this by:

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Best Prepper Resources and Recommendations

This is a new project that will be ongoing. Each month (or so), I’ll have a new post with the best prepper gear, books, blogs, forums, facebook pages, and more that I’ve found. The items on those posts will then be collected on the Best Prepper Resources and Recommendations Page, along with the most recent blog posts of each of the sites listed in the best blogs and forums for you to click and read. If you’re going to bookmark any page other than my main page, that would be the one.

Most popular posts

This is the list of my top 10 posts:

  • How I built my ultimate 25 pound bug out bag Here's how I used a some ultralight thru-hiking techniques to build my hiking/camping/bug out bag under 25 pounds without sacrificing what I need. 588,761 views
  • Why you shouldn’t bury shipping containers for bunkers There's a lot more that you have to consider if you're thinking about burying a shipping container to be used as a bunker. They're not designed for that and you could end up being crushed if you don't know what you're doing. 536,465 views
  • 5 discreet weapons you can carry (almost) anywhere You can't always carry a weapon to defend yourself but with a little creativity and some training, there are many discreet weapons you can improvise. 413,730 views
  • Everyday carry (EDC) gear – what I carry So what do you really need to carry every day? How do you figure out what should go on your EDC gear list? Here's what Graywolf from Graywolf Survival carries and why, as well as some suggestions on how to plan your EDC kit. 290,792 views
  • How to communicate when the world goes silent So if cell phones stopped working, how would you communicate? What if an EMP wiped out all electronics? How would you find your family or get help during a disaster or if SHTF? 274,327 views
  • EDC: Top 7 things you should carry every day There are a few items that you should carry with you at all times. Here's a quick EDC list of things I suggest. 260,304 views
  • SHTF! The first 9 things to do during a disaster Would you know what to do in a serious disaster situation like a regional EMP? Here are the first 9 steps to help you survive. 238,154 views
  • 10 ways how to start a fire without a lighter You might not have a lighter or matches available when you need to start a fire. Here are 10 creative ways to start a fire without them. 202,146 views
  • Build your own DIY 5 gallon bucket no-ice evap air conditioner Surviving in the desert is difficult due to the heat and lack of water usually available but if you do find water, how do you fix the heat problem? Learn the basics of how a swamp cooler works as well as a couple of examples on how you can build your own. 188,419 views
  • What you need in your bug out bag – a comprehensive look A bug out bag is critical but what do you put in it? When considering disaster preparedness, keep in mind that what survival gear and emergency supplies you add to your bug out bag and then pack for your survival kit can mean the difference between life and death, or at least affect your level of comfort if SHTF and you had to get outta dodge. Read this article to find out what you should consider putting in your bug out bag. 173,378 views


Most recent posts

Here are my 10 most recent posts:

Sailboats, survival, and SHTF - Preppers and sailors have a lot in common, and preppers could learn a LOT from getting out on a boat. Learn how sailing to distant shores requires many of the same preparation and skills that preppers love.
Family survival: 5 tips for distributing gear - Learn how to split up your survival kits or bug out bag gear between your family so you're all covered. Identical kits are not the answer.
EDC: Top 7 things you should carry every day - There are a few items that you should carry with you at all times. Here's a quick EDC list of things I suggest.
Adapt or die: Why you need more skills and less stuff - Spending all your time on money on supplies and gear could be a deadly mistake. Learn survival and prepping skills instead - here's why...
The mylar emergency blankets you love SUCK – but there’s hope - Those mylar emergency blankets you all love are crap. Here's a story of my experience with them in Africa, how they can still be useful, and what I use instead.
The ‘Two is one and one is none’ fallacy - Don't make the simple mistake most people make when they follow the "Two is one and one is none" principle. By looking at survival a little differently, you can make the right choices in your gear.
How to build an earthquake survival kit - If you're caught in an earthquake, you may not be able to stay where you're at. Here's what you need for a portable earthquake kit bag.
SHTF! The first 9 things to do during a disaster - Would you know what to do in a serious disaster situation like a regional EMP? Here are the first 9 steps to help you survive.
GoSun Sport Solar Stove Cooker Review - In an emergency, you can't always rely on having fuel to cook. Solar cookers allow you to cook using just the sun, but not all solar cookers are created equal. Here's what we think of the GoSun Sport.
The Art of Blending in: 5 Tips from a Counterintelligence Special Agent - Before I was a blogger, I spent many years teaching and doing surveillance. I'm going to share a few tips on how to blend in that I learned over the years.


About me

I am a combat veteran of the United States Army and former Intelligence Officer. I’ve operated in several countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. I’ve trained and worked with intelligence and Special Forces units in operations such as surveillance/counter-surveillance, HUMINT, and Counter-Terrorism. I’ve lived through real survival situations and try to bring that real-world knowledge to you here.

This site was started by me when I was on my last tour in Afghanistan to get my mind off things while laying in my hooch at night, and it’s grown by leaps and bounds ever since to become one of the most popular prepper/survival sites on the internet.

I also write occasionally for Joel Lambert’s website, so come find me there if you’d like to read more tactical and survival information.

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