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The topprepperwebsites you’ll want to read

Top prepper websitesThere are a lot of websites out there on prepping and survival. Most of them are crap. Some of the non-crap ones just rehash stuff that the great ones actually write. Though fear not, gentle reader. I have a solution for you.

Finding the best prepper websites

It’s really tough. Some sites only do medical and first-aid. Some do only wilderness survival like how to purify water, make a fire, find or build a shelter, get food, signal for help etc. Some are full of doomsday prepper crap, only about TEOTWAWKI and WROL situations and don’t have any practical use for your life. You need to branch out and find several sites to get what you need to be a prepper. I try to vary what I write about but I’m not an expert in things like medical knowledge so I don’t write that much about it.

So how do you find the great ones?

Todd at Prepper Website has come up with a great way to find them. Each site on the list can be voted. The more votes you get, the higher you move up. I don’t know the full calculation because sometimes sites with lower votes in but higher votes out is ranked higher but that may just be due to the calculations updating. The cool thing is that this list is ranked by people like you and not places like google or Alexa. Also, new sites that haven’t been given any google love yet can be found this way.

Here’s what Todd has to say about this new list:

Top Prepper Websites is a an online voting site that allows members of the Preparedness Community to vote for their favorite website. So voting/ranking is not based on any other numbers other than the number of votes a website sends to TPW. The site also serves to bring attention to lesser known preparedness sites that might not have the same following as some of the higher ranked sites, but that have great content as well.

So how can you check out this great list and see who’s in the top 10?

Just click below –


– once you’re there, click the “Click Here To Enter” link to get to the list. If you’ll notice, I’ve cleverly had you pass through the voting link to help me move up in the rankings. I’ve only been on the list for a couple weeks so I’m still moving up. Please feel free to share that link with your cousins. AND – If you really like me, please come back to this page and click that link often (you can vote once every 24 hours).

Once you do that, you’ll be taken to the list. The list has 51 sites on it at the moment and growing.

So who are the leaders right now?

Top Prepper Sites rankings

Here’s the top 10 as of this Jan 2014:

  1. Backdoor Survival
  2. SHTF Preparedness
  3. Knowledge Weighs Nothing
  4. SHTF Plan
  5. Modern Survival Online
  6. Me baby! – Graywolf Survival
  7. Prepared Christian
  8. Underground Medic
  9. The Organic Prepper
  10. Survival Sherpa

This list will continually be changing, a lot of that due to you guys.

I’ll be updating my own best prepper websites list soon. The nice thing about that page is it gives you the most recent posts of the people on my list. Handy.

Please use the social links below to share this page with others so they’ll know too. Come back later and see how the list changes over time.

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